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Risk: The Next Opportunity for Procurement to Extend Its Value

Implementing initiatives around risk affords procurement a path to drive more value for their enterprise.


Through risk management, procurement can take a leadership position and build new and enhanced coalitions both within the business and throughout the extended supply network.

The topic of risk is broad and seemingly overwhelming, causing many enterprises to struggle as they work to become more risk-aware. However, given the realities of today’s digital world and complex supply networks, active management of risk is a business imperative.

The good news is that recent developments in technology now allow organizations to quickly enhance their ability to protect their company as well as their reputation in the market.

In this white paper, The Hackett Group explores:

  • Procurement’s Evolving Value Contribution
  • Measuring Procurement’s Value Contribution
  • How Managing Risk Provides Value to Both Procurement and the Enterprise
  • Leveraging Tools for Recognizing and Mitigating Risk
  • Next Steps, recommended by The Hackett Group


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