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The Importance of Program Management For Savings and Value Realization

In many organizations today, Supply Management receives minimal support from efficient sourcing and procurement platforms.

Consolidating the messy and muddled functionalities scattered across the ERP, analytics, invoice processing, and other platforms involved in your supply management can be a complicated task.

Implementing an effective program management strategy and solution can help you solve this problem.  In this latest we will outline:  

  • Where to allocate time and money in your program management process
  • What data and analytics play key roles in your supply management
  • How you can realize up to 80% in time savings using advanced sourcing technologies and tactical automation

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About the author

Michael Lamoureux

Michael Lamoureux - Lead Analyst and Futurist The doctor of Sourcing Innovation (.com), who holds a PhD in Computer Science, is an experienced professional in enterprise technology and Supply Management who has been a Chief Architect, Chief Research Scientist, and Chief Technology Officer before taking up the mantles of blogger and analysts. He works with businesses and their internal knowledge transfer, positioning, and planning problems, specializing in working with clients who want to update their sourcing process, technologies, and strategies to lead the way in innovation.

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