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Is It Not Time You Get Direct With Your Supplier Risk Management?

Every other day we read about another supply chain disruption and seemingly every other day we read about a disaster which knocks out multiple supply chains. In this white paper, Synertrade explores the reasons behind disruptions in your supply chain and how to mitigate these risks. 

While many of these are natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, and so on, some of these are man-made disasters -- and, even worse, the number of these man-made disasters are increasing. At the end of the day, each man-made disaster is, ultimately, the responsibility of some company in someone's supply chain. And, if you're not careful, the next man-made disaster will be in your supply chain.


Even if you're careful enough to make sure that your supply chain is free of disasters, are you careful enough to make sure your supply chain is free of supplier-caused disruptions?



  • Eight Situations That Result in a Disruption to the Buyer
  • How to Detect and Prevent Disruptions Before They Happen
  • Supply Risk Mitigation















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