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Bringing SRM to the Next Level(s)

More and more companies experience the value of Strategic Supplier Management (SRM) from using a Supplier Self-Registration, to capture all relevant documents, insurances and certificates to Supplier Evaluation, Scorecards, Benchmarking, to Assess the Performance, Risk, Sustainability of the suppliers and to develop them further.

Regardless what your company is doing currently in this area, this paper shall show, how SRM on an advanced level could look. It is addressed more for the direct purchasing companies, as mentioned in a previous paper; direct purchasing is mainly seen as the best-practice for overall procurement.

About the author

Rainer Machek

Rainer Machek ~ Executive Vice President, Synertrade Rainer is celebrating 18 years with Synertrade in his global role as an Enterprise software executive. With a long history of selling software licenses, cloud-based subscriptions and professional services, Rainer is responsible for Synertrade’s customer relations with Fortune 1000 companies in Europe and North America. He previously worked as a self-employed Sales Consultant for more than 8 years, supporting large and mid-size companies in go-to-market-strategies and winning back "lost deals“.

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